Book Reviews

“Investors have long known how to trade. But they are only now embracing how to own company shares to make sure boards steer responsible value creation over the long term. That’s where investor stewardship comes in. Dallas and Lubrano have written the world’s first comprehensive guidebook on the toolkit investors can use to safeguard the financial and social interests of citizen savers. With kudos to the International Corporate Governance Network for publishing, this a vital, must-read manual for professionals in the rising field of stewardship.”

- Stephen Davis, Ph.D., Associate Director and Senior Fellow, Harvard Law School Programs on Corporate Governance and Institutional Investors


“Dallas and Lubrano’s guide to stewardship is concise, evidence-based and implementable. Responsible investors should read it from cover to cover. I recommend it strongly.”

- Professor Elroy Dimson, Centre for Endowment Asset Management, Cambridge Judge Business School.


“This book gives not only the ICGN members but all governance practitioners around the globe an excellent way of in depth understanding the necessities and practical requirements for being a sustainable and successful pursuer of good governance and stewardship.”

- Christian Strenger, Academic Director of the Corporate Governance Institute at the Frankfurt School of Finance


"This is a must read for any ESG investor and a should read for any corporate governance, environmental and/or social specialist. George and Mike have effectively weaved current trends of ESG integration and stewardship into the complex corporate governance ecosystem. This modern look at corporate governance is refreshing and quite palatable even to the general public or layperson seeking to find out what is ESG."

- Charles T. Canfield, Principal Corporate Governance Officer, International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group)

“As an investor you can easily get lost nowadays in how best to integrate ESG in your investment practice, contribute to the SDGs and report in accordance with TCFD, SASB or GRI. In ‘Governance, Stewardship and Sustainability’ the authors Dallas and Lubrano not only explain this ‘alphabet soup’ in a concise and practical fashion but also help you understand what you need to do as an investor to continue doing well while doing good."

- Martin Steindl, ESG Manager, FMO (The Dutch Development Bank)

"Practical, but underpinned by an excellent understanding of the theory and scientific research! I can’t think of a better duo to capture the essence of the ongoing debate on the relationship between governance and sustainability. Mike and George, given their experience and exposure to a wide range of issues in different parts of the world, as pioneers of good corporate governance in the early 2000s, are uniquely positioned to explain what matters and why in different contexts, and to offer stewardship guidance to investors. I also recommend this book to serving directors, investor relations professionals and corporate communications teams."

- Prof. Dr. Melsa Ararat, Director, Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum; Member, ICGN Board.

"This book is filled with ICGN's wisdom, which has had a huge influence on Japanese corporate governance and investor stewardship. As sustainability and ESG issues continue to develop and have greater prominence for both companies and investors, this book provides practical path to guide investors in how to realise their stewardship responsibilities."

- George Iguchi, Chief Corporate Governance Officer, Nissay Asset Management and ICGN Board Governor.